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Pinnacle Creative Pack Volume 3 17



Pinnacle Creative Pack Volume 3 17 2 a. Join the Community. April – May. October – November. . . Contact Tags Category:Pinnacle Entertainment Group Category:Graphic designJohn Fitzsimons (military officer) Captain John Fitzsimons CB (1769 – 7 June 1835) was an officer in the British Army during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Born the eldest son of a soldier, Fitzsimons entered the Army as an Ensign in the 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards in 1786 and rapidly made his mark as an excellent swordsman. In the Peninsular War he served in the 84th Regiment of Foot and in the Walcheren Expedition. Promoted to Lieutenant on 14 November 1794, he gained the rank of Captain on 8 May 1796. In 1797 he fought in the Napoleonic Wars, serving as aide-de-camp to Major General Lord Hill. He was present at the Battle of Cope Hill on 27 October 1797 and the Battle of Bossu where he was wounded on 3 November 1797. For his services at the latter battle, Fitzsimons received a reward of £100 and an appointment as aide-de-camp to the Commander-in-Chief of the Forces, where his excellent military reputation led to his being given the additional rank of brevet-major on 3 January 1798. In 1800 he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and commanded the 84th Regiment of Foot in the Scottish Highlands. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel on 3 January 1805 and in 1806 served as a military attaché to Spain. In 1814 he became a Lieutenant-General and was made Commander-in-Chief, West India. In 1820 he returned to England and on 2 March 1826 he was made Governor of the Downs and in 1828 returned to the East Indies. He retired on 26 January 1830, with the rank of Major-General. He died on 7 June 1835. Fitzsimons married Catherine Juliana, daughter of Lord Stowell. They had two sons, Fitzsimons, an Admiral in the Royal Navy and George, a Lieutenant-General. Sources References Category:1769 births Category:1835 deaths Category:British Army generals



Pinnacle Creative Pack Volume 3 17

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